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About The Globe Works Website...

The Globe Works Website was designed for educational purposes and to promote and preserve the history of the now defunct Groves & Whitnall Ltd brewery and Globe Mineral Water Works and related collectables, the website is a non profit entity and is in no way to connected or affiliated to Groves & Whitnall Ltd registered at Companies House as, "Company No: 00060849, 179 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5LS."

Information quoted in the website is accurate to the best of our knowledge but mistakes and omissions may occur, information has been compiled from many sources and although we believe no copyright has being infringed using said information. Design and compiled content used on this website is considered the intellectual property of the designer and owner of the Groves & Whitnall Globe Works Website, although we have no objection to visitors extracting information or images from this website to use in educational study and research we do request that you seek permission for any use on another website and also give a credit and link back to www.grovesandwhitnall.co.uk.

Whilst we seek permissions to use certain content and images for inclusion on this website this is not always possible due to the original author not being traceable or contactable, if you feel we have used an image or information that belongs to you please contact us to have a credit for the item added to the article/image, certain brewery history content is quoted form "The History Of A Brewery, 1835-1949" published by Groves & Whitnall to their shareholders.

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This website was started in 2006 and is still run by Wayne Richards, I live in Poole in Dorset with my wife and have been married since 1988, we have to grown up children and currently one grandson. My passion for Groves & Whitnall started in 1980 when I was 9 years old and used to go digging for antique bottles with my dad, around that time we attended an antique bottle fair in Alton and he purchased an amber Codd bottle from Groves & Whitnall for his collection, up until that point I had only ever seen the aqua bottles that we had dug and it always stood out and fascinated me with it embossed Globe trade mark. With this being before the internet and not really knowing what other bottles were available from the company it was pretty unique to me. On getting married in 1988 I sold my bottles and left the hobby.

Later on in 2003 when I decided to get back into the hobby of bottle collecting and now with access to the internet I realized that there were many variations of bottles from the companies of Groves & Leigh and began collecting them. On deciding I wished to know more about the companies I found there was very little information online apart from a couple of pages of a website owned by Mike Sheridan. I contacted Mike and he gave me kind permission to use his brief history to start the Globe Works website in 2006. After doing many hours of research the site just grew from there with help of many of the people listed below. It was then I realized that of the many bottle related forums online none really concentrated on the history behind the companies so in 2007 along with Paul Best we started The British Antique Bottle Forum. From there this site has grown into what it is today and is keeping the memory of the great brewery alive for future generations.



The Globe Works Website would like to thank the following people for all their contributions, help and support, without which this website would not have been possible.....

  • Anthony Groves
  • Charlie Grimble
  • Tony Reynolds
  • Roger Pellow
  • Paul Taylor
  • Russ Smith
  • Wayne Wood
  • Paul Best
  • Mike Sheridan
  • Jay Hurst
  • Simon Ratty
  • The ABC Magazine Team

We would also like to thank who those who we have not mentioned here.


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Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response when contacting us, when contacting us you can be assured that we never pass on any information or your email address to any other parties or organizations, you will never receive any un solicited mail from the Groves & Whitnall Globe Works Website, PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to give valuations or more information regarding bottles or collectables, for more information please look in the Bottle section of this website.


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The Groves & Whitnall Globe Works website is dedicated  to the employees of Groves & Whitnall Ltd of Salford & Manchester who lost their lives in the service of their country in the First and Second World War's, let their sacrifice never be forgotten.