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Below are the biographies of the directors some of which some are well known names associated with the Groves & Whitnall brewery mineral water company but also the social history of the United Kingdom. We have gathered as much information as possible from searching remaining company records and through information supplied by descendents of the Groves family but still have some blanks that need filling, if you can help with information please feel free to send me an email at


William Peer Grimble Groves


Founder of the partnership. born 1st June 1817. Was born William Grimble in Walthamstow, some time before 1845, when he married Elizabeth Ryan, he changed his surname to Groves, they had 3 sons, William Grimble Groves , James Grimble Groves, John Edward Grimble Groves, who all went on to join the Board of Groves & Whitnall, He founded a distillers business in Liverpool 1845. Emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 1852, with his family, taking distilling plant and cider pressing machinery, but found more opportunity in freighting to the goldfields. Returned to England, in 1854, and settled in Manchester, where he built a vinegar works in Blantyre Street, Chester Road. Acted as a traveler, and subsequently manager, for Bathe and Newbold, brewers, Salford, from 1854 onwards. Purchased brewery from the latter, 1868, in partnership with A.W. Whitnall. Took eldest son W.G. Groves, into partnership, 1868, Died 7th November, 1885.


Arthur William Whitnall


Born, 3rd July, 1847. Educated Owens's College Manchester, As chemist. Joined W.P. Grimble Groves at Blantyre Street, 1864. Assisted W.P.G.G. to purchase Bathe and Newbolds Brewery, 1868, and became original partner with him. Was member of an old Flixton family and Lord Of The Manor of that village. Died, 24th June, 1890.


William Grimble Groves J.P.


Born, 3rd July, 1847. Educated at Owens College, Manchester. Assisted his father as clerk at Vinegar Works, Blantyre Street, from 1863 onwards. Trained as Pharmaceutical Chemist. Original partner, 1868. Councillor in Salford 1883-1895. Justice of Peace, Salford, 1892-1910. Justice of Peace, County of Westmorland, 1896-1927. Resigned from Groves & Whitnall on floatation of Limited company, 1899. Councillor, Westmorland 1921. Founded Edith Cavell Home of Rest for Nurses, Windermere 1920. Died, 24th June, 1927.


Charles Henry Hill


Born, 1837. Trained as Brewer with Messrs. Bentley & Shaw, Lockwood, near Huddersfield. Joined Messrs. Beaumont & Heathcote, Brewers, Ardwick, Manchester, around 1865, and rose to Head Brewer. Joined Groves and Whitnall as Head Brewer, in 1875. Appointed an original Director of the Limited company, 1899. Died suddenly 15th August, 1900.


James Grimble Groves, M.P., J.P.


Born, 24th October, 1854, had two sons, William Peer Groves, Keith Grimble Groves, who both went onto join the Board of the company,Educated Owen's College, Manchester. Lived at Oldfield Hall, Altringham, Joined Groves & Whitnall, 1869. Partner with A.W. Whitnall & W.G. Groves, 1887-1890. Partner with W.G. Groves, 1890-1899. Appointed a Justice of the Peace for Salford, 1894. Mayor of Altrincham, 1897-1898. Justice of the Peace, County of Chester, 1900. Senior Vice-Chairman of the Salford Board Of Guardians, 1900. Chairman of the South Salford Conservative Association, 1900, Member of Parliament for Salford South, 1900-1906. Deputy Lieutenant for County of Chester, 1904. First Chairman of the Brewers Society 1904. J.G.G. Groves was one of the most ardent and active supporters of Sir. Henry Hoyle Howorth, who was the Conservative member of parliament for Salford 1886-1900. On the formation of the Limited Company in 1899, he was appointed first Managing Director and Chairman of the Board. He took a lifelong interest in Social Problems, particularly in the welfare of youth, and founded the Salford's Lads' Club, together with his brother, William Grimble Groves. Died, 24th June, 1914.

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