Other Bottles (Groves & Whitnall)

Below is a catalog of recorded other types of bottles bearing the Groves & Whitnall name, we try to update this as often as possible but there is always something new out there,  If you have a bottle not shown here we would like to hear from you and would love to add a photo of your bottle to our online catalog of known company bottle variations. Click on an image to view a larger version.

Torpedo Minerals (Hamilton's)

GWTorp1GWTorp3The torpedo bottle also referred to as a Hamilton is available embossed both Groves & Whitnall & Leigh & Co and is probably one of the most collected bottles from this company, they are found in many shades of amber through to green, They date to the late 1800's. Photos From The Globe Works Collection


Crown Seal Minerals

Crown1Crown2Crown3Crown seal aquaVariations of the amber 6oz crown sealed minerals in amber embossed Groves & Whitnall, The 1st photo is the full frontal embossed with the 2nd 2 photos being the earlier 2 side embossed, these are also found in aqua glass as shown in the bottom picture, the aqua variations seem to be a later bottle, these are one of my favorite bottles from the company and the earlier amber examples always seem to have lovely seed air bubbles in the glass. Photo From The Globe Works Collection


The Groves & Whitnall Quart Barrel



The amber Groves & Whitnall Quart barrel, these are very desirable with collectors and are not often seen for sale, they are also found in aqua glass, other examples are found embossed with the Leigh & Co name, these date from around 1880-1900. Photos Courtesy and copyright Of  the Jay Hurst collection


Groves Whitnall Amber Skittle Bottle

HammieThe Groves & Whitnall amber skittle is indeed a rare bottle, not many have been found and very rarely appear on the open market, dating to around 1890 they are not found carrying the Leigh name and only found in 6oz form using a cork enclosure.


1 Pint Beer & Mineral Bottles

Beer1101_9177The large 1 pint beer/mineral bottles are found in several colors including aqua, amber, light green & dark green from Groves & Whitnall carrying both the Globe and arrow in hand trade marks, there are also several enclosure variation ranging from cork to internal thread and far to many to show them all here, the amber variations is one more desirable variations, These date from 1900 - 1930. Photos From The Globe Works Collection


Riley Patent Groves Whitnall Bottles

DSC02255 DSC02258The 10oz Riley internal thread patent mineral bottle from Groves & Whitnall are one of the most common bottles found from the company, there are many variations in embossing and color and a few examples are shown here, the two unusual ones here are the apple green colored one and the aqua one in the center of the bottom picture that caries both the Globe & arrow in hand trade mark on one bottle, there are also much rarer 6oz & 20oz variations of the amber bottles known, There are no Leigh & Co variations of this type of bottle known. Photos From The Globe Works Collection


Crown Seal Dumpy Mini Seltzer

DSC00286The scarce Groves & Whitnall dumpy seltzer bottle with a crown seal, this variation was not embossed with the "Globe" trade mark. Photo From The Globe Works Collection


Small Sized Green Mineral Bottles


Shown here are to variations of the small sized green glass Groves & Whitnall mineral water bottle, the one on the left is a chisel lip variation with the Globe trade mark dating to around 1910, the one on the right is a much later crown seal using the arrow in hand trade mark dating to around the 1950's or 1960's. Photo From The Globe Works Collection